The last 2015's Planners

Estava no estúdio em arrumações (sim eu passo a vida a arrumar e a desarrumar o estúdio, é uma loucura!). quando me dei conta que ainda tínhamos 5 agendas em português de 2015. E como anuncei no Facebook vamos fazer uma redução de preço.
I was in the studio making some arrangements and organizing things (yes I'm doing that all the time, it's crazy!) when I noticed that we still had 5 weekly planners in portuguese for 2015. So I decided to announce on facebook that they would be price reduced from today on.


Anya's Ghost - Graphic Novel Review

Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved it! (And I thought I wasn't going to like it.)
I was surprised by the amazing artwork and the monochromatic tones used during the whole graphic novel.

With that said I didn't think it was a very dark graphic novel. At least not to me.
To me this ended up to be a story about self discovery and self acceptance. Acceptance by Anya of herself and her roots, and also her own acceptance as a singular and peculiar individual. I specially like one of the last words of the book

 "You may look normal like everyone else, but you're not. Not on the inside". 

The ghost part is fun and entertaining, and also how she spends time trying to discover more things about the ghost. But to me, the most important part how Anya's grow up by realising one or two life lessons during the story.

Totally recommend to anyone, either if you're starting reading comics or if already read a ton.

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Books I've read so far this year (16)

For the second year I'm setting a reading goal through my Goodreads.
Last year I've setted a certain goal and when I reach it I change it for more. It happened a couple of times. I ended up to read 57 books last year.
This year I'm starting with 50 books goal. I've already read 16 books, but that's only because I've re-read a few books and read a lot of comics. I've been noticing that my reading pattern changed a lot through out the years. At the moment I feel that I rarely have time to read. So I started to listen to audio books. This way I can preform certain tasks or just draw while listening to any book I want.

With that in mind I've started three different book series.

1) His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman that I've started many years ago, but never finished. The first book is The Golden Compass. I have to confess that I've really liked it much more this time than the first time I've read it. You can read my full review here. [I haven't seen it yet, but there is a film inspired in the first book, with the actors Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. I don't think I will see the film, at least until I've finished the series.]

2) I started to read the long A Series of Unfortunate Events back in the days they we're launch in Portugal. Probably one decade ago. I've read the two first books and then was never able to find them all available. They are in total 13 books. The first one is The Bad beginning. It was just as I remembered it. I've started the second one two which is called The Reptile Room, but haven't finished it yet. It's written by Lemony Snicket. [there is also a film inspired by these series with the actor Jim Carrie on the role of Count Olaf. I have mixed feelings about the book. This time when I was reading/listening to this book I kept going for the film imagery and I wasn't happy with it. I like to imagine the details and all the quirks by my own head. It was a struggle to forget all about the film]

3) I've delayed starting to read this series for years. Mainly because I thought I wouldn't like it. Which is very weird, because I love thrillers and cops/detectives shows/books, and strong female characters, besides sassy romance. And these books have it all! Besides they are written by one of my favourite romance novels Norah Roberts. These books are set in the future and follow NY detective Eve Dallas. Of course there are few clichés, like the ongoing romance with one of the most mysterious and richest men of (at least) NY. But I really enjoyed the mystery part of the police work. This one is the first book, it's the Naked in Death. There are almost 40 books in this series, and the series it's called In Death... How can someone write 40 books and have in death in all tittles? I don't know how the author does, but it works. I'm looking forward to keep reading these books.

4) The first Graphic Novel/Comic that I've read was The Psycho. What really caught my eye was the amazing art it as. I love it! The story is right up my alley, though it's kind of hard to explain it. You can know more about it in Goodreads.

5) Willow Wonderland, if you're recognizing it from Buffy the vampire slayer TV show, then you're right. I was never a big fan of the Buffy show. I watched it sometimes though. My favourite characters were Willow and Spike. I was very curious about these comics inspired by the show. I wasn't disappointed with the story and with the artwork either.

6) Another comic inspired by another TV show Dollhouse. These comics happen after the events of the TV show, that's why it's called Dollhouse Epitaphs.  I liked the story, but the artwork was a little bit disappointing sometimes. Other than that it would had helped me if remembered a little bit more about the characters and the show, which I didn't. There was no back story, the authors simply assumed that you knew all about Dollhouse.

7) Rat Queens! Oh my GOD, where do I begin? It's worth all the hype I've seen. Awesome artwork! Loved the characters, they quirky personalities. The story! And even the cliffhanger in the end. Can't wait to either pick the next single issues or wait for volume two.

8) Locke & Key - Welcome to Lovecraft. I don't like the first book. At all. I love the concept. The whole story. But I'm not fan of the first book. I have mixed feelings about the inside artwork too. Will see it's a working in progress I guess. (I've read another one from the Locke & Key series, and I had a very different opinion, that's why I think I don't like this one because it's the first book, and there is a of things being build (story, world, background story, characters and so on).

9) The Strain. You already know that I've been obsessing over this book. I'm waiting for the originals to arrive. You can read more about the comics here, and how I'm waiting for the books here.

10) Locke & Key - Guide to the Known Keys - I absolutely LOVED this one. From artwork to the side story. Probably it wasn't suppose to be read before you go further in the series, because in the final part of book there is glossary of the keys with some minor spoilers (but I'm okay with that).

11) Marvel 1602 was a re-read. I love the artwork, it's a different than the usual from Marvel.

12) Van Helsing's Night Off it's hilarious. Little short stories told only in images.

13) Polar Shift by Clive Cussler was a re-read.

14) Murder of the Vicarage (A Miss Marple Mistery) by Agatha Christie was also a re-read

15/16) 20 Ways to Draw a Cat and 20 Ways to Draw a Dress were two cute books with different styles of drawings. They are references for any artist.

Happy Readings!!


Just like the movies | #8 Pattern

You can see that this week the theme around here is the Oscars. It doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about other things... This week have been an hectic one. I've been finishing a part of project started long time ago. It's nice to see something things come to an end and starting new stages.

As for my professional life I'm also about to start on another stage of my professional life. Emotionally the last days have been hectic. A lot of things might change in the near future. I can't lie that I'm scared, but the change is necessary. I'm on the verge of becoming a 26 year old, and though I have a face of a teenage girl, those years are long gone. I can't help myself to feel that I was more mature, focused and goal oriented 10 years ago than now. But it was easier to be that way on that time. I had a purpose- study, have good grades to go to the university. And I already knew which one I wanted to go and what I wanted to study. I had a plan and I was working on it. In the middle of university the question of what's next was imposing and I found I didn't have a clear answer. I didn't have a security net any-more. I took me some years to realise it was ok this situation, that I still had to work to build, find and pursue my dreams. That it was ok to be insecure, and that was also ok to change the dreams that I had. It wasn't a failure found out that you didn't accomplish your previous dream, just because your dreams have changed.
Is this to be grown up? It's nothing like the movies, but when in need for an escape for this reality movies and books are good way to do it.

I come to accept that I like the life I have, I also like the path I'm currently taking. I think it's the right one for me. More important, I feel that it's the right one for me. It's not like the movies, for sure, but I don't mind at all. It's mine and I'm happy with it!

This hasn't happen for awhile, I was going to talk about the Oscars and ended in a retrospective of my past and current life. You can see what I have to say about the Oscars this year in the Nuts for Paper blog. It's all for now, see you next week!
Esta semana parece que só falo sobre os Óscares. Mas na verdade é apenas um pequeno escape, porque tenho passado bastante tempo a pensar noutras coisas. Esta semana foi bastante agitada. Estive a terminar uma etapa de um projecto que se prolonga já há algum tempo. É bom fechar certos capítulos e começar novos.

A nível profissional estou prestes a começar um novo capítulo. Muitas mudanças podem-se registar brevemente. Não posso esconder que estou um pouco assustada, mas a mudança é mais do que necessária. Estou prestes a fazer 26 anos, e apesar de ter cara de menina, esses anos há muito que desapareceram. Não deixo de sentir que há 10 anos atrás era mais madura, focada e orientada para cumprir objectivos. Mas também era mais fácil de o ser na altura, visto que tinha um objectivo e planos para seguir. Queria ir a universidade X, tirar design. Era só uma questão de trabalhar nesse sentido. A meio de universidade as dúvidas sobre o que fazer a seguir começaram a atormentar-me a cabeça. E descobri que não tinha uma resposta certa. Já não tinha a minha de rede de segurança. Demorei alguns anos a perceber que era uma situação normal, e que tinha que continuar a trabalhar para encontrar e construir os meus sonhos. Que não faz mal sentirmos inseguranças, e que também não faz mal mudarmos os nossos sonhos. Se nós crescesmos, é perfeitamente normal que os nossos sonhos crescem e mudem como nós.
É isto que é ser adulto? Não é nada como nos filmes, no entanto os filmes e os livros são excelentes para quando se quer escapar à realidade.

Sabem o que descobri recentemente? Que aceito a vida que tenho, e que até gosto bastante dela. Gosto deste caminho que escolhi. Acho que é o caminho certo para mim. Sinto que é o caminho certo. Não é como os filmes, de certeza, mas isso não me interessa. É o meu caminho e estou satisfeita com ele!!

Algo assim não me acontecia à algum tempo, eu ia falar dos Óscares e acabei por fazer uma pequena retrospensão sobre a minha vida. Se quiserem ler sobre o que escrevi sobre os Óscares podem sempre espreitar no blog da Nuts for Paper. Por agora é tudo, até para a semana!


Hiatus and waiting for the OSCARS night

As coisas por aqui têm estado em hiato. Têm havido alguns contratempos, trabalho, muito trabalho e claro o Carnaval esteve aí. E apesar de este ano não estar particularmente carnavalesca (mesmo sendo torriense, shame on me, eu sei), tirei algum tempo para restaurar as baterias e refrescar as ideias.
A Primavera está quase a chegar e com ela chega um tempo para pensar e re-pensar certas coisas. Terão notícias brevemente. Peço desculpa por não poder desvendar muito mais, mas por agora terá mesmo de ser assim.
That's how things have been here... on hiatus. There have been some ups and downs, work, a lot of work but also Carnival was here. And though this year I didn't participate almost at all, I took some time to restore batteries and refresh my head.
Spring is almost here and it's time to think and re-think certain things. Probably there will be news soon. I'm sorry for been so secretive but that's how it has to be for a while.


Fall Pattern | #7 Pattern

You are probably thinking something like put we're still in the winter, and next is spring, why are you already making things about fall/autumn?

Well because I was challenge to. Recently I created another cover for Nuts for Paper planner with autumn theme. I've also been thinking that I would be fun to create more botanical patterns. I've always been a fan of some flower patterns, and I'm thinking it might be fun to create a few of my own making.

This time it's a fall and leaves themed pattern. But next time? Who knows? It might something more spring time. We will see. See you next time!


New Books for February

So yeah 15 books for 2015 was a fail. We are only in February and I went on a buying spree of books. I blame the bargains on books/authors that I really like.

I recently got really hooked by The Strain comic books. As you might seen a recent post I've made. So I've order the hole triology. The first two books will be second hand (under 4€ each) and the third is new.

The Strain Trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

# The Strain
# The Fall
# The Night Eternal

By curiosity I look for Marion Zimmer Bradley books too, when I was looking for the second hand books. She is one of my favourite authors. Last year I finally purchase my own copies of The Mists of Avalon (yes, here in Portugal it's divided in 4 parts - for some weird reason they like to split big books in various parts... in case you don't know they did it also with the Game of Thrones books too)
I ordered the Lady of Avalon, Priestess of Avalon and Ancestors of Avalon (each book was under 4€). Right now I'm missing just the 7th book.

Avalon Series by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana L. Paxson

#1 The Mists of Avalon - by Marion Zimmer Bradley (already have)

#2 The Forest House - by Marion Zimmer Bradley (already have)

#3 Lady of Avalon  - by Marion Zimmer Bradley

#4 Priestess of Avalon - by Marion Zimmer Bradley

#5 Ancestors of Avalon - by Diana L. Paxson

#6 Ravens of Avalon - by Diana L. Paxson (already have)

#7 Sword of Avalon by Diana L. Paxson

And I thought I wasn't going to suck in to buying more books. And again I've failed (only one day after the 1st fail). Fortunately I'm not sorry at all.
Again these are all 2nd hand books. (and where big bargains).

I'm sucker for Sherrylin Kenyon books, and this year I want to read different series written by her, instead the one that I usually read which is the Dark Hunter series.

I was intrigued with the BAD Agency series, for what I can tell has no paranormal activity, which very different from what I usually read from her. I love some detective, thriller action so I was on it.
I've ordered the four books of these series.

#1 Bad Attitude by Sherrilyn Kenyon
# 2 Phantom in the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love
#3  Whispered Lies by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love
#4 Silent Truth by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love

I'm big fan of Alex Cross character created by James Patterson. And I was on the hunt of books by him. I found this series called Women's Murder Club (which I actually think was going to be a TV show... I'll be searching for it after I listed the books I bought... And I was right there was a TV show inspired by these books. Between 2007/2008, with only one season, and not that bad actors.Angie Harmon which is main know for the TV show also adapted from books Rizzoli and Isles, Laura Harris, Paula Newsome and Aubrey Dollar).

I come upon a bundle of the first 8 books! in second hand for 1/3 of the price if I bought in full price (even in second hand).

1st to Die by James Patterson
2nd Chance by James Patterson and Andrew Gross
3rd Degree by James Patterson and Andrew Gross
4th of July by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
The 5th Horseman by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
The 6th Target by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
7th Heaven by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
The 8th Confession by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

the grand total of 18 Books! Oh boy!! But if I divide the total between all the books (including shipping costs) each book cost me around 2,97€, so... no regrets!!

Now I just want them to arrive!

So did everyone thought I was done? Yeah me too.
But still I was tempted for a few more books that have been in my wishlist for many years now.

The Killing trilogy by David Hewson. Since the american version of the TV Show The Killing came out that I've been drooling for these books. This time I've ordered the first and the second, but I'm still thinking if I should also get the third... Yeah I've also ordered the third.

I've always liked type/typography but I don't have many books about it. So I'm starting with this one. I've also been on the hunt for this Paul Arden's book. I've seen been recommend by many fellow designers. Looking forward to read it!

The BIG total is of 23 Books! (15 books for 2015 yeah right... 2 months and 38 books... jeez someone is addicted to buying books). [But if I divide the total between all the books (including shipping costs) each book cost me around 3,57€, so... no regrets!!]


Graphic Novel - The Strain vol. 1

The Strain Volume 1 by David Lapham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Creepy and Gory covers. Volume 1 has the 1st to the 11th issue of this comic. I started reading it knowing that was about vampires and some sort of pandemic virus. I was also curious because the original book is written by Guillermo del Toro (and Chuck Hogan's - The Strain ). Before finishing the volume 1 I've also saw the first episode of the TV-show/series.

I love the artwork. One issue I have with many comics and graphic novels is beautiful covers and not so pleasing artwork on the inside. But this is one is spot on. The colours and the contrast really help setting the tone of creepiness of the story. The mixture of dark colours really help to deliver a brutal and violent story. Some scenes look like nightmare material!

It all starts with an air-plane full of dead people. Mysterious dead people. Nobody knows why they are dead. Upon this the main character is presented.Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (what a name!) working for the Center for Disease Control.
He is the chief investigator of this operation, but he's life is quite a turmoil. Eph is an ex-alcoholic juggling between his job and family (mainly his son).

In the second issue a coffin is found in the air-plane cargo. There are a few survivors from this mysterious situation whom are released and sent home.
There is this morgue scene where you discover that the death people have tiny and strange marks in their necks, almost invisible to the naked eye. All bodies are drain from blood and, oddly, despite they are death for hours, the bodies are still warm and without rigor mortis. 

Another extremely important character is an old men named Abraham Setrakian. Jew from Romania, Holocaust survivor, owner of a little pawnshop is the only one who knows what is going on and have some hints how to stop this pandemic infection of vampires. (I actually enjoyed a lot the parts about Abraham life, they are scattered through the different issues and give helpful hints about what's going on and how he knows so much about everything).

One of the best and scariest parts is when the death came to life in the morgue. (I actually saw this scene in the first episode of the tv show and sh*t is awesome too!). They come to life and they first urge is to find their love ones... and feed upon them. When they finish feeding on the blood they infect the people. 

By the forth issue of this comics they decide to assume that it's a parasite - in the comics it's not very clear, but in the tv show you can see worms, white worms - the parasites - on the dead/vampires.
In issue 6 you learn that are 7 original vampires called The Ancients. Three are in the old world (Europe), Three in the new (USA - where the action happens) and the 7th is the one whom is Abraham arch-enemy. Is also the only one whom doesn't hide from the humans. These vampires (as usual) don't get a long, that's why they are divided - I suppose. It's not very clear why these vampires don't get a long and white they have a truce. Or even why the fact that this 7th vampire - the master, come to USA will begin a war between vampires. 

It was only possible for this 7th vampire come to USA because there is an economic group called The Stoneheart Group led by Mr Eldritch Palmer that make a deal with the vampire. Mr Eldritch thinks he can control the vampires. However his goals are not very clear.

There are a few questions that are not answered during this volume, that got me questioning what's going on. I will be for sure reading the rest of the comics and also keep an eye on the tv show. I'm already looking for the original trilogy to add to my tbr list.
I totally recommend these comics for anyone who likes scary vampires and horror stories.

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This week...

No fim de semana passado estivemos em mais uma Feira das Almas, onde aproveitámos para lançar um dos nossos novos produtos! Como fã e grande colecionadora de pins não podia andar mais contente. Estávamos tão entretidas a criá-los que quando demos por isso já tínhamos à volta de 50 pins diferentes!!!
Last weekend we are at another flea market we're we launch a few new products! I'm a big fan and also collector of pins so I'm really happy that we have them available now! Can you image that we we're so excited in creating them that when we started to count them we had around 50 different pins already?!


Lately in my sketchbook

I'm quite happy with my sketchbook this week. I've been doing at least one sketch a day. Something I've missed a lot in the past months.

Usually for these type  of sketches I'll find inspiration online, through the blogs and websites I scroll.
One thing I've really missded was to draw people in street style.

Of course my new babbies, aka my new Copic markers also we're a plus on going back drawing. Between those, poscas and watercolours I can actually make some really nice things.

For Nuts for Paper we had a custom order for a plannwe autumnal elements. After I had the line art for the digital versions I had this urge of painting them.

Recently I've also found out that drawing trees and trunks is quite relaxing. Now I laugh at my old self for so many years avoid drawing trees. "- You see now, it's not that hard! You just have to keep drawing them."

I've also found out that I like to make little squirrel cameos over the custom order illustrations (when it's possible of course). In the doggy illustration that I've shared in Nuts for Paper blog, I've also added two squirrels. In this case there was only one, but it's quite the main characther in the back cover. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have a photo of that planner too.


Masked Love | #6 Pattern

I was trying to get in to this year's Carnival theme in my hometown. I'm happy with the result of pattern, but still not in the mood for Carnival. Oh well, maybe next year.

What do you think about these patterns?

*Did you notice I've been using a lot a pink lately? And it's not even my favourite colour at all!

Me + You | #5 Pattern

Are you in mood for romance? 
This pattern is a special one. It was create for a special photo album, a polaroid album created at Nuts for Paper. One of these I'll show the portrait illustration too. But for now here's the romantic back cover!


Woodland Planners

Mas Mafalda vocês ainda estão a fazer agendas? Estamos pois! E ainda temos mais algumas para acabar e enviar durante a semana que vem.
Adorámos desafios... e eu especialmente gosto de ser desafiada a desenhar coisas diferentes. Apesar de fazer retratos sempre ter sido algo que me deixa de pé atrás, pois sei que nunca vou conseguir  reproduzir a 100% o que me é pedido para ilustrar. No entanto com alguma experiência tenho vindo a descobrir que até o consigo fazer dentro do meu próprio estilo.
But Mafalda you're still making planners? Yes we are! And we still have a few to finish and send during the next week.
We love challenges... me specially always like a an excuse to draw new and different things. Although I've always been a little  sort of scared of making portraits, because I know I can't make 100% accurate with reality. However with trial and error, and some experience I've been discovering that I actually can make portraits but in my own style.


Cheese and Spinach - #4 Pattern

It's not a secret that I like (and like here mean love) food. So I was very excited when the oportunity to create this pattern came.

The original artwork was for a pattern from a planner for a Nuts for Paper custom order, You will be able to see it this week's Thursday Bits. The cover is illustration portrait of too cute rats.
In conversation with the future owner of that planner we decide for the back cover would be fun to have a pattern. There is this common knowledge of the relationship between rats and cheese, so the cheese would have to be there, but if you ever had a rat you know that most of the time you feed it with raw green leaves vegetables (like spinach) and grains. We decide to go with cheese and spinach.

Can you guess why I was thrilled with this? Because I also love cheese and spinach, it's one of those things I wouldn't mind eat all days for the rest of my life.

And this is the 4th pattern in the 52 Week Challenge Pattern Design that I'm doing this year.

Other Patterns in the Challenge can be checked in the INDEX

Work, my sugar, work!

Esta semana estou de volta com pontualidade britânica! Cheia de novidades de mim para vocês bem fresquinhas, yay! Espero que estejam entusiasmados porque temos coisinhas adoráveis!
As agendas com capas customizadas continuam na ordem do dia, o que nos fazem andar loucas com os prazos que temos de cumprir, mas é tão bom ver o fantástico resultado final das mesmas!
Na imagem em baixo, deixo-vos um vislumbre de duas delas, para vos abrir o apetite, com os animais de estimação requisitados - um cão e dois ratinhos. Na quinta-feira a Mafalda mostrar-vos-á tudo ao pormenor. Elas seguiram viagem ontem para os destinos Estados Unidos e Nova Zelândia. Mal posso esperar por saber o que as respetivas donas acham!


Hey guys! This week I'm back with british ponctuality! More news from me to you are coming right now, yay! I wanna see excitement because they are going to melt some hearts!
Custom orders are making us crazy because of the deadlines, but the final results are just gorgeous! Below, you can see a sneak peak of a dog in the woods and two lovely rats, but I'll let Mafalda tell all about in her chronicle. They were dispatched yesterday to the United States and New Zeland. Can't wait to hear the girl's feedback!

Agendas com capas personalizadas com animais de estimação - um cão e dois ratos \\ Custom cover planners with pets - a dog and two rats

Continuando com as agendas customizadas - que todos os santinhos me ajudem! - vocês não fazem ideia de como fiquei louca a coser uma massiva agenda de 2015/2016! As diferenças para uma A6 são astronómicas, e eu quase que fritei a pipoca de vez com ela, mas espero terminá-la hoje. A mais pequena que vêem na imagem abaixo vai ser mais uma encomenda customizadas, por isso esperem por mais surpresas brevemente :D


Continuing with custom orders, oh my goodness, you don't have any idea of how crazy I was just to sew a 2015/2016 A5 planner! Jeez! The differences are huge for a A6 and I almost went nuts with this planner, but I hope to finish it today. The small one you can see on the picture below are going to be another custom order so, expect for more surprises soon :D

Em modo costura - agenda A6 2015 e agenda A5 2015/2016 \\ Sewing mode - A6 2015 planner and A5 2015/2016 planner

Para além de tudo isto, estamos a planear a nossa primeira feira de 2015 - que vai ser este sábado, na já habitual Feira das Almas. Por isso podem esperar bastantes tickets (românticos e divertidos) que estão a ser feitos, surpresas inéditas para o Dia dos Namorados que vão derreter corações solteiros e comprometidos (é uma promessa!) e, claro, a nossa bela presença ao vivo e a cores (uh, tão importantes que somos!! estou a brincar!)


Besides all of this, we're planning our first market we're going in 2015 - is this Saturday, at Feira das Almas as usual. So, many tickets books are going to be made (romantic and fun), more surprises for Valentine's Day are going to melt everyone (and that's a promise!) and be launched there and, of course, you can see us live (uh, so important that we are!! just kidding!)

Tickets românticos \\ Romantic ticket books

E por hoje é tudo! Escolhi uma música para derreter os corações (ou no meu caso ouvidos e coração) com a deliciosa voz do Tom Smith, vocalista dos Editors, com a canção Sugar. Até vos pode servir de inspiração para criarem uma compilação para surpreenderem a vossa cara metade com umas músicas bem românticas, que vos parece? Beijinhos e conto convosco no sábado!!


And for today that's all! Sugar, who doesn't love? So, why not melt with the gorgeous voice of Tom Smith from the Editors and think about what playlist you'll surprise your better half on Valentines, uhn? Hugs and kisses and I hope to see you guys on Saturday!!


A crónica The Jukebox Girl é escrita pela Catarina, designer gráfica e uma das Anas do projeto Nuts for Paper. Neste espaço ela partilha convosco as suas peripécias, delírios e desejos, sempre acompanhadas com uma bela banda sonora há mistura, porque afinal de contas, a vida sem música não é a mesma coisa. \\ The Jukebok Girl chronicle is written by Catarina, graphic and designer and one of the Anas of Nuts for Paper project. In this space she shares with you her adventures, delusions and dreams, always accompanied with a crazy mix of songs that reflect her mood because after all, life without music is not the same thing.