But first coffee! | #17 Pattern

Some time ago I've shared my to-do-list in my instagram account. And it was one of those days that it seemed that it was endless!!
Once in a while, (it doesn't matter if it's morning, afternoon or even night) I have to stop for a second, before attack the piles of work and then this comes to my mind - but first coffee... and cookie or two ;)

Time is running out | #16 Pattern Clocks

Do you ever feel like time is running out? Lately I've been feeling like that a lot.
Sometimes all we need is take some time off to re-balance ourselves.  Otherwise if we let stress rule our daily lives we will burn out very quickly!

Do you have suggestions for these patterns? Feel free to let them in comments!

Can't touch this | #15 Pattern Fancy Sunglasses

After a long silence, I'm back with my challenge. I'm many weeks behind but, I haven't gave up yet.
The 15th Pattern is all about Fancy sunglasses! Although I barely use sunglasses because I need ones that have graduated lens, otherwise I'll start to have headaches. So I got use to just bare with sun in my eyes.

What about you? Do you always carry your sunglasses?


Just to let you all know I didn't disappear

agendas capa mole - mensal sem data, 2015, 2015/2016 | softcover planners - monthly undated, 2015, 2015/2016

Dei-me conta que esta semana estive desaparecida de quase todas as redes sociais. Tinha um post no blog meio alinhavado desde a semana passada e alguns emails em atraso. Estou com um trabalho em mãos que me têm ocupado quase o tempo todo.
I've just noticed that since last week that I've been completely out of the social media! I even had this post half written since last week and few late emails. But I've been with a HUGE work in my hands that took all my time.